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The Air Quality Problem

You may think the air in your home is pollutant and allergen free, but is it?  Watch the video on the left will help understand why.
We provide a host of air quality assessment and purification solutions to ensure your family is breathing in clean air, free of harmful toxins.

The solution to solving the air quality in your home is to have a good air filter system and install APCO in your HVAC supply plenum.  We have found this product will take care of viruses and odors as well as sterilizing the indoor coil to prevent build up and mold from forming.  Annual bulb replacement is the only required service maintenance needed. 

Media Air Filer Sytem
2011 AHR Expo Innovation Awards Winner
Media Air Filter System

Provides excellent high MERV air particulate control with lower static resistance for up to a year between replacement.

Our GREEN DUCT SYSTEMS comply to DOE Green Building Guidelines to provide minimum duct system air leakage.  These systems help you reduce energy cost, improve air quality, fight airborne pollutants, and reduce your carbon footprint to our planet.

Mastic Sealed Tap in a Green Duct System
Mastic sealed duct pipe elbow in a Green Duct System
APCO Whole House Air Purifier