Regular Maintenance Saves!

Studies show that regular cleaning and maintenance of the heating & air conditioning equipment can lower operating costs as much as 37%, increase the equipment life, and reduce unexpected breakdowns.

Fireplaces, heaters, hot water heaters, gas stoves and ovens, grills, and even the car in your garage can all create Carbon Monoxide (CO) where you live. While nearly all appliances and systems in your home are designed to produce a minimal amount of this poisonous gas, if these systems malfunction, and generate enough Carbon Monoxide the result can be deadly. And because you can’t see, smell or taste Carbon monoxide, it’s even more of a hazard.

We offer a very reasonably priced annual service maintenance agreement program that provideyou with two inspections a year.  We will clean and check your air conditioning equipment on the Spring Cooling checkup. In the fall we check your heating equipment including checking for gas leaks and perform a carbon monoxide test. 

Our customers with annual service agreements also get priority service and receive 10% discount off service repairs including after hour emergency repairs for an entire year from the date of purchase!  Call us for more details.